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Most Water Heater Manufactures Now REQUIRE Expansion Tank Installation For Their Water Heater Warranty To Be Valid
WHY? Because as the use of Backflow means the undesirable reversal of flow of a liquid, gas or solid into the potable water supply. Back Flow Valves that have become required and installed by most utility companies increased, the failure of their water heaters The Video Below Explains Why increased proportionately .

Water Heater Expansion Tanks | A Must Have With All New Waters . . . WHY?

This Video About Explansion Tanks Will Tell You Why

 As Your Murrieta Plumber we are Water Heating System Specialists. You see, getting hot water coming out of your hot water tap does in fact require a “System” not just a water heater.

Most Water Heater Manufactures will not Warranty a Newly Installed Water Heater WITHOUT an Expansion Tank:

Expansion Tanks Increase Life of Water Heater in MurrietaThe California Plumbing Code (Section 608.2) and the California Mechanical Code Section 608.3) requires a thermal expansion tank, or listed equivalent, to be installed to water heating systems to relieve excessive building pressure during the heating process.

According to the California Plumbing Code, all new water heater installations require a Thermal Expansion Tank in accordance with these codes referenced above and below.

So is this some conspiracy between the Water Heater Company lobby and state legislators to make you pay more for your water heating system? Not even close.

608.2 Excessive Water Pressure. Where static water pressure in the water supply piping is exceeding eighty (80) pounds per square inch (552 kPa), an approved-type pressure regulator preceded by an adequate strainer shall be installed and the static pressure reduced to eighty (80) pounds per square inch (552 kPa) or less. An approved expansion tank shall be installed in the cold water distribution piping downstream of each such regulator to prevent excessive pressure from developing due to thermal expansion and maintain the pressure setting of the regulator. The expansion tank shall be properly sized and installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and listing

608.3 Any water system provided with a check valve, backflow preventer, or any other normally closed device that prevents dissipation of building pressure back into the water main shall be provided with an approved, listed, and adequately sized expansion tanks or other approved device having a similar function to control thermal expansion. Such expansion tank or other approved device shall be installed on the building side of the check valve, backflow preventer, or other device and shall be sized and installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation.

 Do New Water Heater Warranties
Require a Thermal Expansion Tanks?

Yes If:

  1. Your water heater fails during the warranty period due to a Thermal Expansion problem
  2.  You have Excessive Water Pressure Problems (Particularly prevalent in many areas of Murrieta, CA.)