Tankless Water Heaters
Have Some Great Benefits

Tankless Hot Water Heaters for
Murrieta Hot Water on Demand

Tankless water Heater MurrietaInstant Hot Water Heaters or On Demand Water Heaters are actually what the industry calls “Tankless Water Heaters”. Tankless Water heaters heat and supply hot water only as it is needed when needed. Giving you “HOT WATER ON DEMAND”.

Traditional storage tank water heaters – Tank storage type or conventional Water Heaters produce standby energy losses that cost you money.

Tankless Water Heaters are not like traditional or even Insta-Hot Water Heaters. Tankless Water Heaters heat water as needed without the need for a storage tank. Therefore they avoid the standby heat (Heat energy) loss associated with waters that store hot water in a storage tank. With a life expectancy of 20+ years and easily replaced parts that extend usable life even longer, it is easy to see why many Murrieta home owners a going tankless.

A Tankless Water Heater will deliver a constant supply of hot water. You don’t need to wait for a storage tank to fill up with enough hot water or reheat water in the storage tank.

When a hot water tap is turned on, cold water goes through a pipe(s) built into the Tank Less Water Heater. In an electric Tankless Water Heater an electric element heats the water. In a gas-fired Tankless Water Heater a gas burner heats the water.

Correct Installation and Good Maintenance can increase your Tankless Water Heater’s efficiency.

Periodic water heater maintenance can significantly extend your water heater’s life and minimize loss of efficiency. Read your owner’s manual for specific maintenance recommendations.
Proper installation depends on many factors.

These factors include climate and local building code requirements. You should have a qualified, licensed plumbing and heating contractor install your Tankless Water Heater. Call (951) 319-2353 –
Are You Mobile?

If you don’t need not water on demand at every faucet in your home or office, the more economical option would be an Insta Hot Water Faucet system.