Electric Water Heaters Murrieta More Energy Efficient

Electric Water Heater ShowerWhile it does cost more to operate Electric Water Heaters than Gas Water Heaters, they are more energy efficient and:

  • Electric water heaters are easy to maintain
  • They usually cost less than gas water heaters (but more to operate.)
  • They heat water more quicker (More convenient.)
  • They have a higher Energy Factor (EF) ratings
  • They don’t require any combustible fuel or venting

Electric Water Heater Energy Efficiency

Regardless of whether you use gas or electricity as the fuel source to heat your water, hot water heater can be the third-largest energy user in your home. So you want a unit that offers energy and cost savings.

Fortunately, almost all water heaters offer increased efficiency to meet increasingly strict federal energy standards. Remember as of April 2015 the NEACA 2015 standards have to be met on all new water heater installations.

Just look for the energy factor rating as you consider different water heaters. This rating measures how efficient the unit is at converting energy into heat and how much heat is lost during storage. A higher energy factor means more energy efficiency of the water heater.

Look for the EF (Efficiency Rating) that are as close to one as possible. You will find electric water heaters tend to have the highest efficiency ratings.

If you need some more help deciding which Electric Water Heater to invest in, check out ACEEE.org for more information on water heater energy efficiency, or give us a call and schedule an appointment for a needs analysis and we’ll help you make an informed decision based on your needs and any special criteria you have free of charge.

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