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Not Enough or Worse No Hot Water?
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Gas or Electric Common Water Heater Issues

No Hot WaterNo Hot Water is Obviously Complaint # 1

Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong! Sometimes it seems this holds especially true with plumbing.

Water Heaters Seem to Take Murphy’s Law a Step Further – Your late for an appointment, meeting or a date but need a shower. That will be the time you find out that you have COLD WATER ONLY!

However, Gas or Electric, there are a number of minor problems that the average Mr or Ms Fixit can solve themselves.

Murphy’s law basically says if something can go wrong it will and with water heaters usually at the most inopportune time. So it’s a good thing that most water heater issues are not as hard to repair as you may have been led to believe. However if you would rather not deal with the whole “Do It Yourself” thing, feel free to give Your Murrieta Plumber a call: (951) 319-2353

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ELECTRIC HOT WATER HEATERS: These hot water heaters use 240 Volts of electrical power. A shock from that kind of power can be deadly so DO be sure to turn off the electrical power to the unit at the breaker box before you proceed with any repairs.

One of the more common problems with an electric water heater comes from hard water that contains contaminants that can build up as sediment over time. This sediment settles in the base of the water tank and can reduce the water heater’s heating abilities and reduce its lifespan.

You can slow down this process by turning down the temperature setting of your heater to 130 degrees Fahrenheit and adding a water softener. Yes a water softener can be an expensive proposition so get some professional advice as to the mineral content of the water from your utility or in urban cases your well water.

Setting Water Heater Heater Thermostat MurrietaAnother common problem is that there is not enough hot water to last for a shower/bath or the water may be too hot. This can easily be solved by adjusting the thermostat or heating element on your electric water heater.

If your water heater is leaking around the drain valve, you may need to carefully tighten the valve up. If there is still a leak, replace the valve completely. (You might want to call a plumber for this job.)

Checking your water heater for indications of corrosion is also important. If your water heater’s tank is becoming rusty you will need to replace the water heater.

You will also need to drain and flush the water heater if your water appears dirty or the heater runs noisily. All of these problems can easily be fixed yourself with a bit of care and knowledge.

 Problems With Gas Hot Water Heaters: If you smell Utility companies are required to add butyl mercaptan an odorant that smell like sulfur and rotten eggs. the odor of natural gas  for a few minutes comingwater heater pilot light murrieta from your gas water heater, you will need to turn off the gas valve that supplies the water to the heater and call your gas company immediately. If this is not one of your problems, you may be able to fix your gas water heater yourself.

One of the most common problems of a gas hot water heater is that there is no hot water. If this is the case, check the pilot light. Chances are it just needs to be re-lit. If the pilot light does not seem to want to stay lit, you will need to clean the pilot orifice, tighten the thermo-couple connections or replace the thermo-couple. This usually takes care of the problem.

If the water is too hot, or there is not enough hot water, you will probably need to check the thermostat and reset it to a more comfortable level.

Other problems can be fixed by flushing and cleaning the water heater.

Water Heater Tank Sediment – You Can Hear It

Water Heater Sediment MurrietaThe boiling bubbling sound you hear coming from the water heater is mineral build up. The symptoms are rumbling, crackling or popping sound from your water heater. Lime ( CaCo3 ) build up is the most common mineral in “Hard” water.

The hotter the water, the more lime is separated out of the water. High usage, hard water and time can lead to lime sediment build up in a water heater tank. By flushing out the water heater tank once a year you can prevent lime sediment buildup.

Pumps for Water Circulation “Circ Pumps” Save Time Getting Hot Water Through Plumbing Pipes to the Tap

In typical one-way plumbing without a circulation pump, water is simply piped from the water heater through the pipes to the tap. Once the tap is shut off, the water remaining in the pipes cools producing the familiar wait for hot water the next time the tap is opened. By adding a circulation pump and constantly circulating a sufficient amount of hot water through the pipes from the heater to the furthest fixture and back to the heater, the water in the pipes is always hot and no water is wasted during the wait.

Circulation pumps can be used to circulate domestic hot water so that a faucet will provide hot water almost instantly upon demand, or (more conserving of energy) or a short time after a user’s turns on the faucet for hot water. In regions where water conservation issues are rising  in importance, (Yes we’re living in one of those regions), with rapidly expanding and urbanizing populations local water authorities offer rebates to homeowners and builders that install a circulation pump to save water. Note: Rebates with local Utility Companies come and go depending on funds available for rebates.

If you want immediate hot water for convenience sake or need it for a medical condition, Your Murrieta Plumber installs and services “Circ Pumps”. Ask about out our Circ Pump installation service.

Now let’s take a closer look at conventional Gas Water Heaters

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