Leak Detection Murrieta Plumbing Services

Your Murrieta Plumber Employees the Latest in State of the Art Leak Detection Equipment

As your Leak Detection Murrieta Plumber we take pride in helping our customers with our water leak detection service. Detecting leaks in your plumbing system can require special equipment to pinpoint the exact location of the pipe or joint that is leaking.Leak locating equipment Murrieta

Our leak detection technicians are equipped with latest state-of-the-art infrared thermal imaging and ultrasonic leak detector devices that can locate sewer, drain and plumbing leaks in walls and/or concrete foundation slab leaks. Leaks detected at the exact position of the leak can save you time and money versus using manual methods of narrowing down the point of origin of a plumbing leak.

Leak Detection Services by Trained Leak Location Technicians

Our leak detection services are employed by highly trained leak detecting service technicians. If your water bill is going up and/or your water pressure is going down you should give your Leak Detection Murrieta Plumber Service a call: (951) 319-2353 

Concrete Foundation Slab Leak Detection

Leaks can occur in or under the or foundation or concrete slab of your Murrieta CA home. They can occur in the incoming water lines or the outgoing sewer line.

The incoming water line from the water main is under constant pressure and often can cause more damage when it leaks than a sewer line. Since the inbound line from the water main is under constant pressure the leak will be constant.

Your Leak Detection Murrieta Plumber will use his hi-tech equipment to locate the source of the leak in minutes versus hours using conventional leak locating methods.

Leak Detection Murrieta Homes Interior or Exterior

Regardless of whether it is just a leaky faucet dripping or leak between walls murrieta homea main water line gusher, Leak Detection Murrieta Plumber can handle the job you are only getting water where you want it and when you want it. Locating Plumbing Leaks at the exact location of plumbing leaks is one of out specialties.

Of course then there are those nasty little leaks in plumbing pipes between the walls you may never see or hear that can cause among other things mold growing between your walls. Of course mold is a health hazard. Your Murrieta Plumber handles all types of water leaks in your home or business plumbing.

Knowing a plumbing leak exists, whether it is small water leak or a gusher is one thing; finding out exactly where the leak originates is something else entirely.

Don’t allow someone to come into your house or business and begin cutting floors or walls without first determining exactly where the leak is coming from with current water leak detection equipment.

If you aren’t able to determine where a leak is coming from it’s time to call us at (951) 319-2353 and schedule an visual inspection and get a free plumbing repair estimate, or a free estimate for a water leak detection service using only the latest state of the art leak detection equipment.

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