Emergency Plumber Murrieta

Your 24 Hour Emergency Plumber Murrieta

Being Prepared for Emergency Plumbing Disasters

  1. Know the Location of the Main Water Supply Valve
  2. Know how Shut Off the Main Water Supply Quickly
  3. Know Who to Call for a Plumbing Emergency
  4. Know where your Emergency Phone Number List is 
    (If you don’t have one, there is a FREE Download Below)

Using Your Smart Phone?
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Keep Our Number with Other Emergency Phone Numbers: Fire, Ambulance, Police etc.

emergency Plumber MurrietaEven with good Preventative Plumbing Maintenance, a plumbing emergency can still occur. So what can you do to be prepared? Rely on Your Murrieta Plumber. To do that you need to keep our number handy.
Emergency plumber murrieta ca
Just like you have other emergency numbers on a wall, held onto your refrigerator with a magnet, in a contact book near a phone or on the speed dial of Land Line Phone and/or your Smart Phone, it’s a good idea to have your Murrieta Emergency Plumber Number on that list as well.

What? You Don’t Have An Emergency Contact List?


  • To Download A FREE M/S WORD Emergency Contact List CLICK HERE NOW
  • To Download A Open Office Writer Emergency Contact List CLICK HERE NOW

Ever wonder what the most common emergency call a plumber gets? Clogged Toilet! So no need for embarrassment. Just give us a call and we will handle it quickly, cleanly and efficiently: (951) 319-2353